Video Games as Theme Parks

5 min readOct 30, 2023

How would Dynasty Warriors, Genshin Impact, Nier and The Sims’ theme parks look like?

Imagine an alternative reality where the world focuses more on creating more spaces for people to enjoy.

In particular, theme parks have their own charms e.g Legoland, Ocean Park, Universal Studios to name a few. Video games are a great inspiration into making more theme parks a chance to get creative with in-game content (items, characters, places) into the real world and most importantly, an offline space where they can meet online friends and like minded gamers.

So with this post, I’ll be sharing how this can be done. Food and Drink, Rides, Limited Events and Merchandise are the main wishes on how to bring these four theme parks alive — Dynasty Warriors, Genshin Impact, Nier and The Sims.

Dynasty Warriors

The Dynasty Empire opens up the world to the kingdoms of Wu, Wei, Shu and Jin to bring forth an unforgettable experience for gamers to be entertained, excited and most of all, enjoy.

Food and Drinks

  • Dong Zhou’s Tyrant Banquet — Meat platter with fried rice (Boar Meat, Roasted Duck, Twice cooked Pork, Peking Duck), Xu Zhu’s Take a Bao Feast (Crab bun, Jiaozi, Xiaolongbao, Shrimp bun, Zongzi), Wei Yan’s Dumpling Soup, Lu Bu’s Raging Ebi chilli, Sima Shi’s Spring rolls
  • Xu Zhu’s Teahouse of Sweets — Sun Family’s Treats (Red bean bun, Mooncake, Almond tofu), Zhong Tai’s Rice Wine, Qiao sisters Cookie Crumble, Guo Huai’s Healing Green tea, Wang Yuanji’s Watermelon Sundae, Zhuge Liang’s Mapo Tofu Delight, Xu Zhu’s Meatball Surprise
  • The Nanman King’s Table or The Emperor’s Finest— Musou wine, Zhu Rong’s Fruits Salad, Nanman Amazonian Soup, Zhen Ji’s Spiced Wine, Fire Attack Cocktail, Taishi Ci’s Twin Rods (Hot Dogs), Chakram Chicken Pizza


  • Hu Lao Gate
  • Escape from Chi Bi
  • The Battle at Wu Zhang Plains
  • Ride Red Hare




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