Barbie was great. Now, when are we getting Bratz?

5 min readAug 15, 2023

Let’s get it out there, the marketing for Barbie worked and matched the film really well. From the narrator’s comments, Depression Barbie to Ryan Gosling’s acting, it was an amazing film that I will be rewatching again and again whether it’s on TV or streaming services.

Although I grew up with Barbie, the doll franchise that impacted me more in my preteens and teens I am already thinking forward for a Bratz live-action, one to replace the bad 2007 one.

Bratz is a franchise that has had a influence on my fashion as much as the celebrities I’ve been into since I was a teenager. Their passion for fashion slogan inspired me to be more creative and express myself the way I saw fashion. I love fashion games so when Rock Angelz came out, followed by Forever Diamondz and The Movie on PS2, I played them non-stop. So much so I still think they are the best fashion games and there still has not been one since. I used to watch the TV series after school on 4Kids TV, as well as watch the animated films (the only ones are Starrin ’n’ Stylin, Rock Angelz, Genie Magic, Forever Diamondz and Fashion Pixiez) on DVD. The impact they had on me has also influenced my nieces in many ways today.

Now with the resurgence of media I grew up with such as The Little Mermaid and Barbie, I can’t help but dive into what a Bratz live-action could be. I don’t know about who the cast could be but in terms of plot and marketing, I have some suggestions.


What could be the plot of the movie?

The Bratz pack go to war with YourThing Mag. There’s a famous gala presenting a competition to all the top magazines in the world and a grand prize has the Bratz and YourThing going at it!

But I would also like to see a movie that focuses on The Bratz with their friends, as well as Burdine and the Tweevils. There could be a new person in town who gets close to them (maybe they’re introduced by one of their…




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