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I've played a lot of Persona 5 and Royal in the past year and it ages like fine wine. Who knew the shackles of this year and the game’s Mementos would reflect really well with our world on the themes of control, apathy and desire.

Paris in the fall, the last months of the year and the end of the millennium…’

The opening dialogue from George Stobbart always makes me feel immersed into the Broken Sword world and a perfect escape of reality. This time, it’s the continuous in, out, shake it all about lockdown rules, not maintaining cases and public guidance that the UK government is still incapable of doing. With that, I returned back to the series.

Diving into a world about history, religion and death for the past 20 years now, and Broken Sword still captives me with it’s mystery and comedic…

Image source from Financial Times

We’re never going to get out of the hopscotch at this rate, instead we’ll go into an indefinite loop of misery.

The rest of the world continues to laugh at Brexit Wasteland, a name I coined the UK since the Brexit vote. Because there’s nothing united in a country where the government prioritises their own pay over free school meals. As of recently, countries continue to ban us left and right due to the government’s indecency on handling the pandemic, nine months too late if you ask me.

As someone who has had enough, I’ve had enough.

2021 looms over…


Nyasha Oliver is a freelance writer, editor and founder of Nyam with Ny. 日本語のポストを書くかもしれない。Follow her on Twitter @sincerelynyny_ and Instagram @nyamwithny

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